What is it?


clickinterview is a Mobile Video App and Web App for Employers and Recruiters to invite mass amounts of job candidates to interview instead of applying for a job.  Job recruiters paste sets of email addresses into the Web App to invite potential job candidates to interview for positions.  Job Candidates use their Mobile Device to record video answers to interview questions.  The video clip answers are sent back to the Web App for the Recruiter to view and rate later.

This allows for a fast and easy way to review massive amounts of job interviewees on a larger scale than traditional interviewing methods.  Employers and recruiters no longer have to schedule costly one-to-one live interviews, saving them time, money, and opening the door to 10 times the amount of review candidates.  Job applicants benefit by taking the interview on their own schedule anytime, anywhere in the world.  The system opens the possibility for hiring remote employees and allowing the Recruiter/Employer to rate Top Candidates in record time, while finding the best culture fit.

Typical Workflow:

  • Employer creates a new job offering
  • Employer enters interview questions
  • Employer pastes candidate emails
  • Employer sets interview time window
  • Email invites are sent to job applicants
  • Candidates record answers with Mobile App
  • Videos are uploaded to the Employer Dashboard
  • Employers review and rate the video answers
  • Scores are totaled and favorites are selected
  • Employers share Top Candidates with peers
  • Winning Candidate(s) are invited for a live interview